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How to Repair Your Garage Door When you’re in a rush to leave for work or coming home after a long day, few things are more frustrating than a garage door that doesn't open and close properly. Repairing the door.【Get Price】

How to Repair a Security Door A lot of homes have a security screen door. This type of security door is often prone to damage from weather and pets. A simple scratch on the screen door can tear a hole right thr.【Get Price】

Basic Door Hinge Repair The three most common issues that leave you needing to repair door hinges are loose hinges, hinges that need to be shimmed and squeaking hinges, according to Better Homes and Garde.【Get Price】

Repairing Your Genie Garage Door It's frustrating when your Genie garage door is out of whack. Your garage door needs to work in order for you to feel that you and your belongings are safe. Luckily, some issues ca.【Get Price】

Everything You Need to Know About Garage Doors For some people, the garage door is the front door of their property because they drive their vehicle into the garage and then enter the house through a side door. For others, it’s.【Get Price】

The Best Garage Door Openers Getting the best garage door opener is extremely important. You need to make sure that you choose an opener you can rely on when you need it most for safety and convenience reasons.【Get Price】

Garage Door Repair | The Drive Sometimes even reliable old garage doors bite the dust or need major repairs. In this guide we will show you how to fix them easily and safely. The Drive and its partners may earn.【Get Price】

Garage Door Repair Tips | Get familiar with garage door repair to keep yours functioning properly. Your garage door isn't something you give much thought to until it stops working properly. You will need to.【Get Price】

3 Tips to Repair your Home Door Like everything else, door locks don’t last forever. You may find one day that your door isn’t closing properly or that the lock isn’t working correctly. You may need to repair the.【Get Price】

How to Repair a Screen Door in 5 Easy Steps To replace a patio door screen, you don't need to be an expert repair man. The job involves only inexpensive and readily available tools and materials. By Donna Boyle Schwartz Phot.【Get Price】